Satanic Slaughter Clan

This is a temporary page for a gaming clan called Satanic Slaughter Clan. Our main web site is located @ (may be down, thus these temporary pages). SSC's main game is QuakeWorld, but we have also played some Quake2, Counter-Strike, Enemy Territory and Quake4.

Our web site host vanished into thin air in August 2008, so we decided to set up these temporary pages with a well-thought layout and design. We hope sincerely that our previous host's ( admins die in agony. It seems that our host is back online again, hopefully it will last.


22.10.2008: We played our first match against Clan Metally Troopers and the result was 1-2 in their favour. For more info, see the match report @ EQL8 web site or the match report @ our main web site.

10.10.2008: Satanic Slaughter Clan will take part in the European Quake League season 8 this fall (2008). We are competing in the division 4.


Satanic Slaughter Clan consists currently of the following members:


More info about Satanic Slaughter Clan can be found from the QuakeWorld wiki.

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